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Water damage restoration includes the complete process of water cleanup from beginning to end–(removal of water, drying items and structures, and moving restored items back).

Water remediation is a term equivalent to water damage restoration. Water remediation includes the complete process of water cleanup, which includes water removal, drying items and structures, and then moving items back.

Water removal describes the act of removing water from water-damaged areas. Professionals use specialized equipment such as truck mounts to remove large amounts of water, commercial-grade dehumidifiers, and high-velocity air movers.

Water extraction means the same thing as water removal. Professionals use specialized equipment to remove large amounts of water. Sometimes, water extraction is the term chosen when referring to extracting water in an outside environment.

Water mitigation refers to the process of preventing or reversing damage caused by the amount of water in the building. So water mitigation could be used to describe the water removal and/or the whole water cleaning process.

Flood cleanup means water from the outside has moved inside. Flood water is considered contaminated and most people will need professional help in removing, sanitizing, and drying the areas which were affected.



How To Find A Great Water Damage Restoration Company

When you find yourself faced with water damage, finding a top-notch restoration company can seem like an intimidating task. Here are some steps to take when searching for the ideal water damage restoration company before disaster strikes.

1) Make Yourself Aware Of The Different Types Of Restoration Companies And What They Specialize In

There are different types of water damage companies specializing in different areas. Some companies do not specialize in any area of restoration, instead, they offer general services which cover all varieties of disasters. Other companies might be limited to only one type of service; roofing, mold removal, or carpet cleaning for example. By educating yourself on the various types of services offered by these companies you will find it easier to pinpoint the right fit for your situation.

2) Ask The Right Questions

When you find a few companies that specialize in water damage, call them up and ask about their services. Make sure to find out

what type of equipment they use, if the staff is certified experts in restoration if the company has insurance coverage, and if an emergency line is available 24/7.

3) Find Out About Their Previous Clients And How Well They Were Satisfied With The Service

If it is possible find out how well past clients were satisfied with the service provided by any prospective companies. You can usually find this information through online review sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp or word of mouth from other people who have used these services before.

4) Find Out About Their Pricing And Discounts

Price is an important factor in deciding on a company, so find out what price range you are looking at. Also, find out if there are any discounts available. Sometimes the cost of restoration can be pricey, especially when dealing with larger commercial properties that have suffered extensive damage. Make sure to find out if it is possible to negotiate the price any time repairs are needed.

5) Contact References

If possible find out if previous clients are willing to act as references for this water damage restoration company. If you find clients who were satisfied with their services in the past but do not want them using your name make sure to ask for permission to use their email or phone number so they can answer.

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