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Chances are, you’ve heard of a restoration company before, but do you know what they really do? When you hear the word “restoration” you might think of the restoration of old or damaged items, such as art and furniture. That’s part of what restoration companies do, but it’s not the whole story. Restoration companies do repairs, restorations, cleanup, and more! Fire and smoke, storm, and water damage are just a few types of damage handled by restoration companies.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur from a variety of sources, such as a broken pipe, a particularly heavy rainstorm, a bathtub left running, and more. Water is powerful and can cause a lot of damage, including but not limited to ruining floors, affecting the structural integrity of a building (such as causing ceilings to cave in), and causing mold growth. For these reasons and many others, it’s important to clean up and dry out spaces affected by water damage as soon as possible. Restoration companies can come in and use vacuums and large fans to remove the water and dry out the affected space, as well as disinfect it and fix walls, floors, ceilings, and even possessions that were damaged by the water.

We at Absolute Force Water Damage Remediation And Mold Removal in the Arleta area know that calling a cleaning and restoration for help with a water damage disaster cleanup is one of the last things you want to do. It means that your home was notably damaged in some way by a flood or excess water in some other way. The entire water damage restoration process can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never been through it before. At Absolute Force Water Damage Remediation And Mold Removal, we want to help make the process as quick and stress-free as possible for you. As a result, we’ve included what is that we actually do. Thus, when you make that call in need of water damage restoration you will know exactly what it is we will do and what you can expect of us. Here is everything we do, step-by-step.

If your home has suffered from the effects of a flood or water damage in any way you probably want to call a certified cleaning and restoration company as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the more limited the damage will be and the quicker it will be restored. In essence, if you are dealing with any water-based damage or emergency, you will be well-served to contact the pros as soon as you can to keep the damage to a minimum.

The first thing that the restoration company will do is assess the extent of the damage a determine the best course of action. If the damage is very serious, this may result in them recommending you leave the property and stay somewhere else until your home is safe to be in again. After this, the water will be removed from your property, normally via the use of large pumps that can remove vast quantities of water quickly and move them off-site. Thorough drying will then also be used in order to remove the lingering moisture from your items while some things may need to be completely discarded if they have been affected by category three ‘black’ water.

Once things have been completely dried out, the next step is to clean your home. This is a very important step since flood water often contacts harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Category three ‘black’ water as mentioned above contains such harmful contaminants and extreme caution must be exercised to prevent you from contracting any deadly diseases from contaminated water.

Once everything has been cleaned and dried, then it is time to begin moving your items back into your home. Our technicians at Absolute Force Water Damage Remediation And Mold Removal will help you with this process. Furthermore, your home may require further work such as reconstruction and repair work. This could include repainting, retiling, re-carpeting, and a whole other list of potential repairs after a flood.

Once all this has been done, your home will be looking clean and great again! As a last measure of service to you, our technicians will also give advice and counsel to you regarding how you can prevent a future water damage disaster from ever occurring in your home again.

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