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Water damage is a big problem in any home or workplace, not to mention a very common one. Water spills and flooding are not uncommon, and if not properly dealt with they can indeed get worse. Fire burns quickly and destroys everything in its path immediately However water is slower with its destruction but just as bad. If left unchecked. Water damage can grow from a fixable problem to rendering a whole house inhabitable.

These are a few ways water damage can cause big problems over time: 

Restoring a home after water damage generally involves two phases.

The first is drying out the structure and cleaning up from the water. This can take anywhere from three to five days, depending on how long the home received the water exposure.

The second part of the process, restoring the home to its former state, takes longer. It will be anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on how badly your home has been damaged. The water restoration process is different for every case. But generally, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently in these two steps.

  1. Drying Out the Home: The drying process begins once all the standing water in your home has been removed. Our water restoration company uses air movers during drying. These machines circulate air around the room, much like fans but with a lot more power. We will switch positions of the air movers periodically to ensure everything gets exposed to the air. We may use them in many ways, such as pulling up parts of the carpet and aiming the air at them or positioning the air movers in front of different sections of walls. We also use other strategies to help the area dry out. We may need to:

  1. Restoring Your Home: The second and longer part of the restoration process may last a few weeks or more. We always stay on the same page as our customers and talk to them about the timeline and anything that occurs that may delay parts of the process. The restoration process involves figuring out what can be salvaged from your home and what has been too severely damaged to save. Our customers assist us with input about what the house looked like before the water damage. Some decide they want to make changes to the area since they have the chance. Others prefer it is restored as similarly as possible to the pre-water damage design.  Our crew works daily to get the process finished, as many homeowners prefer to stay in their homes, if possible, while the restoration takes place. We want to finish as fast as we can, so you can have your house back. But we also want to do a thorough job, so nothing goes unfinished. To do the best job we can, we might undertake any of the following:

What does a water damage restoration company do?

What is a water damage restoration service?

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