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Mold growth in your home is a serious problem that can damage your belongings and compromise your health. Usually, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw out anything that has been damaged by green things… but what about that box of old family photos?

For more sentimental items that have been victimized, it is important to know what is salvageable. This guide will help you figure everything out after you mold removal.

Should I clean or throw away my belongings after removing the mold?

The answer: it depends. Sure, there are some things you should throw away after you’ve been exposed to mold, but there are some items you could save.

Here are some guidelines to follow if your home has (or had) mold damage.

What belongings should I throw away:

*Linens and bedding are technically considered porous and therefore should be discarded or thoroughly inspected and cleaned before use.

Belongings I must you can keep

Why should I throw away items after removing mold?

Unfortunately, mold releases toxins that create free radicals (unstable atoms that damage cells) when eaten by humans, which can lead to many different health problems. In fact, eating certain types of mold (including black mold) can make you very sick and can even be life-threatening.

This is why many toxicologists recommend that homeowners treat moldy belongings as soon as possible. Damaged items should be discarded without hesitation, and items that are easy to replace or inexpensive (ie clothing, food) should be discarded as a precaution. Basically, prevention is better than cure.

Mold removal in your home

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