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Do NOT hire your friend, the contractor, to remove mold from your home!

One of the biggest concerns most homeowners have is related to the cost of mold removal.

Due to the expense of mold removal, the human tendency is to try to find the best deal. However, beware of contractors or friends who offer to remove mold for you, especially if they have no training or experience.

Don’t be fooled by the sales pitch or claims that mold can be remedied with ozone or other types of mold killing machines.

Another potential claim made by some movers is that they can simply for your home or spray a bunch of chemicals and the mold will magically disappear.

Contractors who offer these types of solutions are not professionals because they are only trying to remove mold, which is not an adequate method of long-term mold removal.

Humidity is the key!

Before addressing any mold problem, the most important concern is to first find the moisture problem that is causing the mold growth in the first place.

The mold needs three ingredients.

There is no easy solution to mold removal!

Any contractor who says there is an easy solution to mold removal does not understand the biology of mold and does not realize that mold is designed to consume dead organic material and is an active part of our ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the good that mold does by recycling dead material into our environment can cause significant damage when it grows indoors. First, mold can make you sick and cause asthma, sinusitis, and other health conditions. Second, as mold eats away at your property, it will cause the wood to rot and eventually lead to structural integrity issues, ultimately lowering the value of the home.

When you find mold in your home, don’t hire contractors who just want to rip up contaminated materials and spray chemicals, especially if the entire process involves mold removal. It’s not just about killing mold because dead mold spores can be just as harmful as live ones.

Mold is everywhere because it is a living fungus. The survival mechanism of mold is to disperse the spores and find more areas to grow and populate. When you have mold inside your home, understand that the primary concern of mold remediation professionals is to prevent it from spreading, ie. to contain it and prevent cross-contamination. Then, once containment is established, you can begin the process of addressing the mold problem.

Educate yourself about mold!

One of the reasons we publish articles about mold is to educate our readers; an informed consumer can make better decisions.

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