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Floods cause a lot of damage and there’s no telling how much you will be able to save for repairs if your house was hit by one. Before going into any home, make sure that it is safe by visually inspecting all areas around the property as well as checking whether power lines or gas pipes have been downed in order not only to assess what needs fixing but also to prevent further complications down the line!

Here are some examples of damage you may find at your home after a flood has occurred:

How to react properly to a basement flood

If you have water in your basement, your very first action must be to switch off any electrical products in the location, consisting of electrical power and gas. Never ever get in a flooded area while the power is on since you risk shorting.

Regardless of the water source, use boots and gloves to protect yourself. You can also take the additional precaution of using a protective mask. Hip or chest waders can also be practical if the water is above your knees. Be careful when walking and moving in the flooded area, as you will likely slip. Contact our flood restoration experts if you do not have this kind of devices

Do not touch electrical items such as televisions, stereos, or lamps, even with the power turned off. It’s finest to let electrical things dry in place and consult experts to determine the quantity of damage.

Tear up any carpets and get them out of the flooded basement as soon as possible. Carpets can avoid the floor covering below from drying out if not gotten rid of quickly. Although it can be challenging to dry these products effectively, we can often restore wet rugs.
Any flood-damaged clothing ought to be eliminated and cleaned as soon as possible. Do unclean or repair any clothes products while they are still in the basement. They can typically conserve these products if you act rapidly.

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